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Self-titled Album

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Track List:

Sleight of Hand
Inquiring Minds
Blind Me
Dottie Dawn and Julie Jewel
Slow Race
What I Said

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Album Reviews:

CMJ New Music Monthly Album Review

Unreleased Tracks:

The Jerk
The Cup and the Lip

Album Credits:

Release date: 09.24.02
Label: Spin Art Records
Publishers: Murky Slough Music, B.M.I.
F.I.G. Music, B.M.I.
Abraham Nixon Music, B.M.I.

Kurt Kirkwood - Guitar/ Lead Vocals
Krist Novoselic - Bass/ Vocals
Bud Gaugh - Drums/ Percussion

Recorded by Stuart Sullivan
@ Wire Recording, Austin, TX

Mixed by John Plymale
@ Overdub Lane, Durham, NC

Masted by Brent Lambert
@ Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC

Management by Cory L. Moore
For the Luther Wolf Agency, Austin, TX

Photography by Michael Halsband
Art Direction and Typography by Richard Luckett