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Taken from the March 2003 Issue of Q Magazine. Krist answers a few of Q Readers' questions.

Some of his Q and A's:

IF YOU COULD SEE KURT COBAIN ONE MORE TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO HIM? Alec Paton, Stoke-on-Trent I love you WHEN KURT STARTED GETTING IT ON WITH COURTNEY LOVE, DID YOU AND DAVE GROHL EVER HAVE A "WOULD YOU. COULD YOU?" CONVERSATION? Mat Tooke, London Oh, that's fucking crass! That guy can go fuck himself. I don't appreciate that kind of sentiment, that shit is none of my business and that guy can just go and fuck off! That's so fucking gross, inappropriate and I don't associate with people who talk in those crude terms, so I don't even want to dignify that with a response. DO YOU THINK THAT PUBLISHING KURT'S DIARIES IS AN INVASION OF PRIVACY AND GOES AGAINST NIRVANA'S PUNK ROCK PRINCIPALS? Richard Watson, Worcestershire It wouldn't be fair of me to say that. It's none of my business, to tell you the truth, and that's how I feel about it. I stay out of it and I've never seen the diaries. WERE YOU PLEASED TO AVOID YOUR DAY IN COURT OVER THE RELEASE OF THE NIRVANA "BEST OF" ALBUM? HOW ARE YOUR RELATIONS WITH COURTNEY? Mark Simpson, Coventry Everything's great. I'm happy it's all behind us. At the end of everything I just want to thank Kurt Cobain for his artistic vision and for sharing it with so many people. That's why we settled: Just to get it over with. Now the music's out I don't have any hard feelings against anybody, it's about liberation and going forward. If I had any regrets it's that it went as far as the lawsuit. The justice system is a pretty arduous process, but as this conflict between the parties happened eight years after Kurt died, I know it's not going to impact on his musical legacy. COURTNEY LOVE: IS SHE MORE NANCY SPUNGEN OR YOKO ONO? Thomas Lenz, USA [Draws deep breath] She's neither. She's Courtney Love. Leave it at that. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT, WOW, IT'S REALLY GREAT KURT FOUND COURTNEY, OR DID YOU NEVER REALLY LIKE HER? Sofie Rosendahl, Denmark What's done is done, people get together. Kurt loved Courtney - it's not appropriate for me to judge their relationship. It was between them, and I'll say it again: Kurt loved Courtney. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE PEOPLE (I'M ONE OF THEM) WHO SYS THAT YOUR CAREER WAS OVER WHEN KURT DIED? Charif-Pierre Megarbane, via e mail I don't know. What's a fucking career? I bet it's a lot better fun than whatever this Charif-Pierre guy's doing. DID KURT COBAIN HAVE ANY BAD HABITS LIKE PICKING HIS NOSE? Diana Flint, via e mail That's so asinine. I mean, you want to know that? Diana Flint can just go fuck off asking questions like that. [Adopts goofy voice] Did he pick his nose? Fuck off, Diana.