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Start Up and Shut-Down Theme For Krist!
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Krist Theme
Size: 110kb
If you install one, and no longer like it, use this file to return to the original startup screens. Borrowed from Captain America

Krist' s First Post To Alt.Music.Nirvana:

Krist' s Second Post To Alt.Music.Nirvana:

Krist' s Third Post:

A Preview Of The Book Krist Is Writing:

The Inner Sleeve For The HELP! Album:

Krist's speech at Kurt's mourning in Seattle

A whole page on none other then Krist Novoselic SENIOR! Also includes some info on Krist Jr, and the days surrounding Kurt's suicide

Information on the premier of Krist's Rockumentary of the band L7, (L7: The Beauty Process)

More information on the opening of L7: The Beauty Process

Information on one of Krist's side-projects; Sunshine Cake

Interview with Tim Gabor