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"I was politicized in high school. I had an open mind and didn't really care for Reagan. I cut my teeth on radical punk rock--the Dead Kennedys, Maximumrockandroll and MDC. Those were the few anti-Reagan voices at the time, especially if you were in Aberdeen [WA] and were 18 years old. I didn't feel like reading dry political analyses. I needed something that spoke to me, that I could understand."

"Well, Nirvana was always political. We talked about things and how we felt. There was Operation Desert Stormin early '91, and it broke my heart that people were brought into that. I was living in Tacoma, Washington, a real meat-and-potatoes town, and it was scary and surreal, the hypocrisy of the government and people buying it. Six months later, the mainstream culture that duped by Desert Storm was all over us. We were repulsed. We were like 'Who are these people?' It took us a long time to deal with that."

Many people who think of the former bass player for Nirvana think of him as a burnt out rock star. Untrue, as a matter of fact, I'm sure he's done more to protect your rights as citizens than many of us ever dream of. Himself at one point was getting aggravated at the way the government worked, and how much of it was used against young kids, especially teenagers. So, in 1995 he founded JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee)to lobby against a bill that would make it easier to censor music. Today, he is still the Founder and President, and has made trips to the United States Congress to plead his organizations' case. JAMPAC is also committed to numerous different community projects, and has begun to make some noise especially in the Northwest political scene. More recently, they were a major part in the lifting of the Seattle Teen Dance Ordinance, which had kept a lot of minors (under 21) from attending late night concerts and such. Currently, Krist has his own political website on the 'net. It is called Fix Our United States, and is located at It focuses mainly on the problems that face our great Democracy to date. Such topics as Instant Runoff Voting and Proportional Representation are dear to the heart of Krist and are easily found on his website.

Here's some speeches, and thoughts from Krist. Taken from JAMPAC and from Krist's own political site, Fix Our United States

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