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Sweet 75:
No WTO Combo:
Eyes Adrift:

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File Name:
love_gun.ram Love Gunn jam 62kb
sweet_em.ram Sweet Emotion jam 69kb
im_a_veg.ram I'm A Vegetarian jam 62kb
baba_ori.ra Baba O'Riley jam 62kb
white_bo.ram White Boy Funk Sucks jam 68kb
gypsies.ram Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (rare!) 62kb
im_a_boy.ram Krist singing "I'm a Boy" by The Who 19kb

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Quotes / Interviews

File Name:
eulogy.mp3 Krist's eulogy for Kurt 840kb
krist.wav Conversation from the "Sliver/Dive" single 940kb
adrift.mp3 Interview with Krist and Kurt of Eyes Adrift 4300kb
krist2.wav Krist diving into stand-up comedy 367kb
krist3.wav Krist introducing himself for KCR San Diego 66kb
krist4.wav Krist dedicating "Lay Me Down" 137kb
krist5.wav Krist describing JAMPAC 500kb
krist6.wav Krist describing how they promote Sweet 75 160kb
bootleg.ram Krist screwing with bootleggers 50kb
omaha.ram Krist thanking an audience from Omaha 48kb
cola.ram Krist talking about a party backstage 67kb
lastshow.ram Krist at Reading '92 62kb
saveme.wav We're Nirvana and we're from Tokyo 253kb
partys.wav "How to be witty at parties" 63kb
ball.wav Krist and Kurt at Headbanger's Ball 392kb
shutup.wav Shut up Krist! 366kb
krazykri.ram Krist at Hollywood Rock Festival, 1993 219kb

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Sweet 75

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File name:
Song Title:
fetch.wav Fetch 460kb
laymedown.wav Lay Me Down 440kb
bitemyhand.wav Bite My Hand 420kb
reddress.wav Red Dress 400kb
lavida.mp3 La Vida 291kb
six.mp3 Six Years 284kb
take.mp3 Take Another Stab 280kb
poor.mp3 Poor Kitty 277kb
ode.mp3 Ode to Dolly 282kb
dogs.mp3 Dogs 297kb
cantos.mp3 Cantos de Pilon 291kb
nothing.mp3 Nothing 284kb
japan.mp3 Japan Trees 275kb
oral.mp3 Oral Health 293kb
soap.mp3 Soap Zone (rare) 285kb

No WTO Combo

File Name:
Song Title:
spoken.mp3 Battle in Seattle (spoken word) 435kb
landlord.mp3 Let's Lynch The Landlord 291kb
feudalism.mp3 New Feudalism 291kb
plantation.mp3 Electronic Plantation 324kb
jackoff.mp3 Full Metal Jackoff 293kb

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Eyes Adrift
(Taken from

Song Title:
Sleight of Hand
Inquiring Minds
Blind Me
Dottie Dawn and Julie Jewel
Slow Race
What I Said
The Jerk *
The Cup and the Lip *


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