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Self-titled Album

Front Cover
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Track List

Lay Me Down
Bite My Hand
Red Dress
La Vida
Six Years
Take Another Stab
Poor Kitty
Ode To Dolly
Cantos De Pilon
Japan Trees
Oral Health

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Lay Me Down (single)

Lay Me Down Single Front Cover
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Track List

Lay Me Down
La Vida
Soap Zone

Self-titled Album Credits:

Release date: 08.26.97
Label: David Geffen Company
Distributor: Universal Distribution

Stephen Marcussen....Mastering
Krist Novoselic....Guitar
Yva Las Vegas....Bass/Lead Vocals
William Rieflin....Percussion Piano
Ed Thacker....Engineer Mixing
Krish Sharma....Assistant Engineer
Greg Adams....Horn Arrangements Trumpet
Robert Fisher....Design
Sweet 75....Main Performer
Suzanne Rowen....Production Coordination
Dorian Crozier....? Drum Technician
Paul Mitchell....? Drum Technician
John Aguto....Assistant Engineer
Peter Buck....Mandolin
Brandon Fields....Saxophone
Chuck Findley....Trumpet
Paul Fox....Producer Mellotron Orchestration Organ
Nick Lane....Trombone
Herb Alpert....Trumpet

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