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Question & Answer with Krist Novoselic
-Taken from March 2003 issue of Q Magazine

Interview with Krist from
-About the WTO incident in Seattle

Interview with Krist and Yva
Interview about Sweet 75

Interview with Krist's father
-The father of Grunge!

Articles on Eyes Adrift:

Article on Eyes Adrift
-Short little article on the band

Arizona Republic - January 31, 2002

Sacramento Bee - February 1, 2002

Seattle PI - January 25, 2002

Dallas Music Guide + Interview! - February, 2002

Phoenix New Times - January 30, 2002

Sacramento Bee - January 29, 2002

Guitar World - November, 2002

Entertainment Weekly - September 6, 2002

Boulder Weekly - October 21, 2002

Brock Press - February 11, 2003

Flint Journal - October 18, 2002

Idaho Statesman - October, 2002

Omaha World Herald - October 24, 2002

Salt Lake Tribune - October 29, 2002

Nightlife - October, 2002

Articles on Sweet 75:

Article about Sweet 75
-Great article!

Interview with Krist and Yva
Interview about Sweet 75

Former Nirvana Bassist Goes Solo
-From E! Online

Article about Sweet 75
-From iMusic

Sweet 75 Album Review
-From Nude As The News

Article about Sweet 75
-From The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Other Articles:

Article on The No WTO Combo
-Great article about one of his side projects

Article on the Spitfire Tour
-Krist's thoughts on the tour

Article about Krist's Eulogy for Kurt
-Also includes some info about Krist

Article about Krist's early years
-More or less a biography of Krist

Spitfire Website
-Krist's page on the Spitfire website