The Krist Novoselic Dedication Page - -

Please enjoy these. I'm not sure if Krist's 2000 Hempfest speech video works, as I haven't downloaded the file myself. Krist @ the MTV Video Music Awards is very funny, I recommend it.

Krist Novoselic at the 2000 Seattle Hempfest
-Approximately a 5 minute speech.

Nirvana performing Lithium on MTV Awards show
-Krist throws his bass way up in the air and it hits his head. (13mb)

Interview with members of Eyes Adrift
-An interview with Krist and Bud of Eyes Adrift. (80mb)

Eyes Adrift Unplugged
-Krist and Kurt of Eyes Adrift unplugged at AOL Studios. Approximately 11 minutes in length. (Must sign up to be a member of the Yahoo! Eyes Adrift Group)

-Eyes Adrift's music video Alaska. Links to